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The Molecular Biology of Nutrition


Principles of Biochemistry is the first textbook I go to when looking for detailed information on molecular processes. It's more detailed than the other textbooks I use because it's focused on the biochemistry.

The Cassiopeia Project provides great science videos for educational purposes. Some of the topics cover processes in molecular biology. I've added two of these to my website. One on Glycolysis, and another on chemical bonds.

Organic Gardener's Composting is an online book that covers every aspect of composting. It's the best composting reference I've found.

The USDA National Agricultural Library is the place to go when you want to know what's in your food. It has detailed nutritional content information on more than 8000 foods.


I've brought together on this page some of the best informational resources that I came across while doing research for this website. I added links to the source material when possible. This should help you to go as deep into the details as you wish.

The Teaching Company offers audio and video lectures on a wide variety of subjects from professors at many of the top universities.

The two Teaching Company lecture series that were most helpful when I was researching the subjects covered on my website were Biology: The Science of Life, which has many in-depth lectures about molecular biology, and Nutrition Made Clear, which is focused on the nutrient content of food and how it affects our health.

Good Eats is a cooking show that explores the science behind cooking in a humorous way. Alton Brown often explains how the molecular structure of the food he's preparing influences his cooking technique.

The show ended in 2011 after 14 seasons. You may be able to catch reruns on the Food Network or the Cooking Channel. If not, you can find DVDs of the shows here.

Wikipedia is an amazing resource. Textbooks are indispensable, but they can only hold so much. I am constantly searching Wikipedia for details on molecular processes that were not included in textbooks due to space limitations.

On Food and Cooking is a classic reference book used by chefs all over the world. It's an encyclopedia for food. It examines the history, structure and nutritional content of just about every food imaginable (and some that aren't).

Estralla Mountain Community College has a website that contains biological information on everything from the structure of atoms, all the way up to multicellular organisms.

Desert Gardening is a good book for people who live in the desert southwest, in areas like Phoenix or Tucson in Arizona. It's written for the desert climate, and has entire chapters on subjects like citrus, grapes and strawberries.

This is a great textbook on molecular biology. The book includes a DVD that contains many extras, including dozens of videos on biological processes. Many of the videos can be viewed on the Garland Science youtube channel.